25 Mar 2015

It's Just My Personality

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Sometimes others said that I am a strict person..

Sometimes others said that I am the funniest one!

Sometimes others think that I am arrogant! "Really? of course not!"

Sometimes others said that I am matured person..

Sometimes they told me that I am like a child.. "o_O??"

Sometimes others keep telling me that I have an innocent face..

Sometimes other said that I always smile... "^_____^"

Sometimes they also told me that I'm little fierce.. "bekeng~hehe"

Whatever other said, that just their opinion.. 
From what they observed when they around me..
And I'm glad to hear colourful side of me..

For me.... It's just my personality! (:

I'm not a perfect person,
I make a lot of mistake BUT..
still I love those people who
stay with me after knowing
how I really am... (:

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